Hi guys. thanks to my mother i have a load of trojans on my pc. I think formatting is the only way, but I have not a clue about this. Any sites or anything to show how it's done? i searched google but it was confusing cause there were things like 'APA formatting and MLA formatting'

i dont know much about computers so any help is appreciated!

MLA formatting is for writing essays i think. we just talked a bit about it today in english so that probably not it.
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Purchase windows disk>insert disk>follow directions>duh
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If you format your computer you will need to send it in. Formatting it takes off EVERYTHING including the running system.
EDIT: Unless you have your system's disk.
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Purchase windows disk>insert disk>follow directions>duh

Okay but how do i get the system off of the pc
it's call reformatting. you just stick your windows disk in and restart the computer. when it's restarting, select boot from disk, erase your current partition and make a new one. make sure you back up any files you want to keep that are not infected first because this will erase all your data.
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search for 'format hard drive' next time

thanks mate

edit - Okay, so i got to the hard drive management, and i have to delete a partition but, when i right-click it - the "delete partition" is greyed out.

did the trojan do that?
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