So do you guys have one song that you have always liked? No matter how your music preference has changed through the years you still have that one song that you just love...

No matter in what direction my musical preference has gone over the years I have always loved Roy Buchanan´s take on Hey Joe. The guy has so much soul it's uncomprehendable. Youtube it...it will blow you away.

So whats your "one song"?

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when i was like 3 or 4 i heard Freebird on the radio in my dads truck, and ive never turned on ANYTHING by skynyrd
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Also, check out Autopsy, the vocalist sounds like hes about to eat your grandmother while f
Pain for Pleasure by Sum 41, ever since that album came out
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ALthough its prolly not my favorite, CKY- 96Quite Bitter beings was once stuck in my head for 3 years. I played THPS3 and it was in the sound track but I forgot where I heard it. I only recently found it haha. Still reallly catchy though. MY FAV song would prolly be... Velvet Revolver- Slither oh or My sharona crap ... They are both SOO Addicting
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Don't Stop Me Now by Queen.

Damn, loved that song (and band) for many years
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The Hives - Walk Idiot Walk

Actually, I have two.. That one and Anarchy in the UK by Sex Pistols.

you win my friend, those are AMAZING songs

as for me, i think staring at the sun by the offspring since americana came out
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Dire Straits - Tunnel of Love (A)
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mine is show must go on by queen. such an awesome and beautiful song
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Has to be 'dont look back in anger'

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Machine Head - Davidian.

Completely blew me away when I first heard it, and still has the same effect on me today.
I just can't believe it's been almost 14 years since I bought Burn My Eyes.
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I'll always have a soft spot for Smooth Criminal by Alien Ant Farm
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I would have to say nookie by limp bizkit....and still dre by dr. dre.....and every morning by sugar ray....man did i ever love suger ray.
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Walk of Life - Dire Straits.

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Sultans Of Swing - Dire Straits

damn it's good...also, i've always had a thing for Aqualung...by Jethro Tull
+843654 to both

I dunno... there's a couple
Come in Closer - Man on Earth
Don't Stop Me Now - Queen
One Bourbon One Scotch, One Beer - George Thorogood
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Another one - Bohemian Rhapsody.
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One Bourbon One Scotch, One Beer - George Thorogood
I love that one. Half of it is just ranting.