Well i know a few, but Today i was trying to learn the solo to Iron maidens "Different World" and, using Guitar Pro, isolated the first really fast, tricky bit. slowed it down, and gradually sped it up. I can play it now at 220bpm, at 75% and the Full speed solo is 185bpm. Is there anything else i can do to help me get these licks down faster? my GP crapped out so i cant practice much more right now. Any tips?

Also if u know how fast 220bpm,at 75% is that would be nice cuz its Confusing to be playing at 285bpm, 50%. then go to 185 bpm full and it not be the same tempo.
A lot is to do with practice. Make sure you can play all the riffs really comfortably before you trying going in at it full whack.
um just because your program is out doesnt mean you cant practice. as a matter of fact id say you need to practice alot more without it if you are so worried about your bpm and whatnot. just take it slow and pick it up as you feel more comfortable with each riff.
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Eh? 220 is 75% of 185? I think not.

I think he means he was setting the bpm in guitar pro to 220, and then using the option next to it to set it to 75% of what tempo is chosen.

If that is what he meant, then (220 X 0.75 = 165) 165 bpm is the tempo you are currently doing.
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K i fiddled with it and Got Guitar Pro working again (yeah i know i can practice without it, but id really rather use its metronome and get it up to speed rather than Start off with my own counting wich could cause problems) And i got it to full on 180 BPM. Is it going to be any different if next time i practice i start right at `180 or am i only going that fast cuz ive been workin up to it for half an hour. Eg. ive leg pressed 485 pounds, only cuz i slowly worked up. i cant do it right away