Up for sale I have a Mexican Standard Fender Telecaster equipped with EMG-T active pickups. I've had this guitar for around 3 months. It's a beautiful guitar with amazing sound, and I'd love to keep it, but I recently bought a Epiphone Casino, and can not afford to keep both guitars. The action, tone, and playability is amazing! The pickups are only about 2 months old, and they were installed professionally. They are active pickups and completely noiseless, with a beautiful, classic telecaster sound. The only flaw in the guitar is a split in the paint on the back of the body (shown in the pictures below). I took the guitar to a specialty shop, and was assured it was just a split in the paint. It DOES NOT affect the playability or sound of the guitar whatsoever. It's just a cosmetic defect. There is nothing else wrong with the guitar in any way. The guitar will come with a Fender gig bag, and the owner's manual. Let me know if you're interested or would like any more information/pictures. I'm looking for $400. I'll ship the guitar via UPS Ground well protected. You'll have to pay shipping if you buy it. The cost of shipping depends on your location. I'll accept paypal. Thanks! And here's some pictures......

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How does it stay in tune? How's the action?

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The action is great actually. Not just saying this, but it has some of the best action I've played on a guitar. Super comfortable. The maple neck is great. It says in tune really well. (I think that's what you were asking?)
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How much would shipping be to Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario? P6B-1S2.

I calculated it on UPS.com, and it came out to about $75 USD. So let's say it would be $475 USD shipped?
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Ahh, nevermind. I've decided to purchase a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser and I'm looking for a 6505 right now aswell.. sorry about that!

If you still have it a little while from now I'll take it off your hands though.