what do you think in order to get and A* would you need to play for a solo bass performance

(open to all genres)


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Sorry to hijack but im guessing the answers would be relevant to my question too.
I need a song to play for my college audition on bass...
Own a PS3?
use scales in a fancy way?

slap and pop

err change the scales?

maybe do some cool tappin

*edit look at funky stuff =D

(e.g RHCP - but thats HARD)
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is this GCSE music?

considering its only a percentage of the final grade, not a lot

on its own, as long as its varied i.e. shift in mood/time sig range of dynamics, sophisticated sound as a piece, advanced techniques i.e. harmonics/slap in there you should probably do all right
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maxwell murder bass solo - Rancid

American life - Primus

Jerry was a racecar driver - Primus

most stuff by primus - Primus... (that isn't the name of the song btw... )
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Yeah! i play drums and have just started bass...at my college interview should i do a drums AND bass audition or just do my stronger instrument (drums)

Oh, and do lots of slap bass...
Don't do slap, It doesn't necessarily necessitate skill to the markers if you demonstarate that you are particularly good at one thing.

I'd play something like a medley of good bits from different songs.

Have a look at:
Hysteria - Muse
Metropolis - Dream Theater
Some older Incubus (such as off Fungus Amongus)
Plus get a look into some stuff by Victor Wooten and other solo bassists.

You are best off playing something jazzy and traditional because they usually appreciate you more.
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The difficulty is not important to get the A* (besides the performance isnt the entire grade) as long as you perform it perfectly,, you'll get better marks than performing a hard song badly.

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