vocals are your weakest area, but other than that its good
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Overall nott too bad, vocals could use work, and one of the guitar tones DEFINITELY needs some work. decent playing tho
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dont like one of the guitars tone and the vocals need a bit of improving imo

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I like those pinch harmonics you added here and there. nice touch.
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Crit plz! Wh ore of Gommorah
Quote by metallicafan616
dont like one of the guitars tone and the vocals need a bit of improving imo


and the solo could some work as well
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Yeah. The rhythm needs work. The vocals sound okay for the lo-fi recording its done in, but it definately needs to be louder and more clear than the rest of the instruments. Also, turn the gain down just a tad and boost the treble a little. Maybe add just a smidge more mid. The notes are getting oversaturated and need more meat in order to come through more clearly.

If you guys get a drummer that will sound awesome.

The clean part is great. Your tone there is awesome. Rhythm is a problem again when the lead comes in. You NEEDS a metronome.The solo was performed very well, though. Very clear with no messy notes.

Whats your gear?