Anyone on here had any experience with them?
pros and cons?

Im a bit worried about the strangely placed strap nut, looks fairly unorthodox

I have it available to me at £550.
I've tried out a few LTD guitars, and they are pretty good guitars. That saying, they should be at £500+.

HOWEVER, you are in the UK, and LTD guitars in UK are at super extortionate prices here. If you check the price for an EC-1000 here, which is about £600-£800 (not sure), it's about $600-$800 in US. That's just plain ridiculous! It's also Korean made too, at this price range, you should be getting at least Japanese craftmanship or USA standards. Note, the Strap thing doesn't really bother me.

That said, LTD guitars are usually kitted out with good specced components so it ain't too bad. They are built pretty well so it's actually pretty good for a Korean guitar. You could wait and try out an Epiphone Prophescy which is similar to an LTD but may not be as badly priced as an LTD.

Can you try one out?

Note, the Strap thing doesn't really bother me.
Yeah im trying one out tomorrow

the standard selling price is something like £970 so i thought it would be a definte bargain compared to the mh400 which is already priced at £550 initially
Oh right, in that case, that's quite a neat bargain. Make sure you check all pots are tight, intonation is perfect, for buckle rashes round the back and general scratches. Is this in a store? If so, ask if you can borrow a strap to try it on so the button thing is cool with you or not.
Yeah its in a store.
Ill make sure to take my strap with me.
Anything to definetly look out for whilst playing it?

I was thinking of buying a set of strings and getting the guy in there to set it up, all the intonation etc to be safe