Hi Everyone. I've got a question. I'm getting to buy a new amp. I'm upgrading from my VOX AD50VT to a full tube. After a long time of searching, I've narrowed it down to a Randall RG50TC

and a B-52 AT112 60 watt
Both are the same price. I play metal. Stuff like Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera, and I go to the woodshed sometimes with stuff like Vai, Dream Theater, and my own stuff.
I would try them both out, but they have no dealers around in southern WV.

They both seem to be pretty close in terms of specs. Does anyone here have any expeirance with either? Does the Randall have decent clean? Does the B-52 sound flat/have quality issues? any info is appreciated. BTW, I have no problem running an OD or EQ through them if need be.
Both can do metal at a great price

I don't like the gain channel on my RG50TC, but I think the gain channel might be defective on mine....other models in the store sound better than mine.

I've heard the B-52 is "a poor man's Rectifier" and if that's true, it'd probably suit you more.
Cool. They seem pretty close to me. I mean, Randall's got the reputation going for it. I like Dime's tone( I know SS but still), Dan Donegen, and Scott Ians. But with the B-52, I've had a hard-on for Mesa's ever since I started playing 4 years ago. And if the B-52 can indeed put down some "Boogie", that makes it even tougher. lol
The B52 is nothing like a Mesa Recto, but its still a pretty good amp for the money.
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Quote by Silky Smooth
Maybe its less muddy then a recto

haha +1 for that
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I picked up a B-52 AT-212 a couple weeks ago, and I absolutely love the amp. It has some really good tones to it. The clean channel is just freakin sweet, and the gain settings are absolutely killer. I run a pedal board direct too, and all of my pedals sound killer going through this thing. I had some issues with a couple of my pedals running through the effects loop, but I think that it was the pedals themselves not liking the loop, so now I just run my decimator in the loop and everything else direct. The pedal that actually blew me away was my MT-2, but I installed the monte allums mods on it a while back, so it's not the same as a stock MT-2 anymore. It freakin rips your face off through the clean channel with the bright switch on. I also love the fact that there are outputs should you ever want to connect this thing to a cabinet.

I don't consider it a Mesa Knock off. I know a lot of guys that play Mesas, and if you play enough with this amp, you'll see that there's a lot more than that to this amp. It definitely has some similarities, but all together, it's the AT-212 to me, not the "Mesa Clone" or "Poor Man's Mesa" as I've heard it called.

Also, this thing has an A**load of tubes in it.
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