Well here's my latest. I definetely like how it came out, the only thing that's not in there is bass, which to tell you the truth I didn't think about until I finished the song
immortal Sin.zip
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more dull crap...

just kidding.

how old are you? and did you do that yourself? it's VERY good. not just the same crappy riff over and over and i see in a lot of stuff like this. and the solo was definitely proffesional level.

it sounded very killswitch-esque, be that a good thing or a bad thing, i don't know cuz i don't know if that's what you were going for. but i say, get yourself some lyrics, and it's a song worth listening to
wait what
Bumpdee...Yea I'm 16, wrote all of it myself...I'm quite happy with it, might make it a little longer soon and add lyrics.
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"To: North Korea
From: USA

Hey Kim DONG Il. Got nukes yet? DIDN'T THINK SO.

Here's some help with getting one built.


Your pal Obama"


great job

solos were amazing

riffs were awesome

my only problem is you really arent in any sort of key throughout

but other than that
10/10 for sure
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1.listening intro it seem to me like death metal
2. Verse 1 Very Good!!! good drum change
3. After bar 25 nice part!
4. Solo on a bar 35-36 good(like Gob-Scotty dosent Know)
but i think without

Therefore Attachment(I would make it another)

5. If speak about solos as whole...simply i dont like solos of such type
6. Acoustic Part Not bad...
7. Breaktrough-Interesting because its like metalcore riff and like old classical metal=)))

Total 8/10
Good Job!
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i like this a hell of a lot better than the other guy's. maybe i'll post one of mine soon.
i usually dont listen to this type of music, but you made it sound good.

measures 80-87 were the best. the break it down was pretty good too. i love how incorpot the accoustic guitar in 76-87. it just sounds great.

9/10 good job!! crit mine? a lonely descent in sig please
good riffs, the pre-solo and solo sections were really great, bother lead and rythm guitars. As for the clean picked sections, they sound good but they dont really fit the thematic elements of the song ( like a major/minor key conflict). good stuff
I really enjoyed this.

The lead part at 35 and 39 sounded like part of a song from a Dream Theater song, just can't remember which one. lol

All the riffs were solid. I loved the breakdown. The part at 71 gave me chills (as in it was so good.. Dunno why, but good music does that to me).

I didn't really like the Timpani intro though. That's pretty much all I didn't like though.

Also, I like how you have a harp track, but nothing on it. lol

Overall, 9/10. Good job.

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