a kind of guns of roses sound out of my epiphone les paul 100? would it depend on the amp?
yeah.amps and effects also matter.try high gain, overdrive distortion mix, and highest tone setting using both pickups on your guitar.then have medium bass, and high mids and treble.
If u can get some pretty high gain, setting your guitar's neck pickup to its highest tone setting and using only your neck pickup can get u pretty close.
im sry for the noobish question but what is gain. this is my first guitar and my amp is coming soon. im stilll learning.
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i just flip the killswitch to rythm, turn on overdrive with mid gain
You mean the pickup selector? A killswitch is a button (typically) that kills the signal of the guitar. Looks similar, but a different function.
Gain is the amount of "metal" in your tone, like distortion.

To make it simple, usually people add gain for more "hi-gain" tones. Stuff like thrash metal, and other types of metal. Stuff that uses less "gain" would be classic rock, blues, ect.