Ok FOR FRENCH CLASS i have to draw a poster and write a paragraph of my own horror movie. So i have to first of all create a theme...or a plotline...which...i can't...ive come up with bonhomme turned evil, into mechanthomme...but the teacher says its not creative enough...and ive come up with others but all the good movie names are taken. so anyways, now i need ure help to come up with some good movie ideas/plotlines/themes


and dont worry about how im gonna film it or anything, cuz i dont have to...i jst have toh ave a poster...and preferrably, the movie should have a monster/badguy that I can find a picture of on google images...i can photoshop it if i need, but im not gonna handdraw...so dont give me lsomething like a werewolf with 14 heads and 4 tails and 34 wings and 35 legs....i can't illustrate that on a poster....
Anyone play gunbound? then add johnny93

....you must tap into: THE FORCE!
....or: THE FORCE! will leave you
....then, you will no longer have: THE FORCE!
how about a rapist clown who likes to eat puppies and is trying to kill another rapist clown who eats cats.
Do a dialogue of a My Chemical Romance concert. You've got horrible sounds, zombies, and maybe some blood, if you introduce Leatherface.
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The morning will come
In the press of every kiss
With your head upon my chest

Where I will annoy you
With every waking breath
Until you, decide to wake up