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turn down the new band and risk missing out
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do both and potentially make an member of a different band mad
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ive been in one band for about 2 years and we are very inconsistant about praciting (weve gone months without practicing) but weve recently really been trying to get mroe consistant but even still we havent practiced that much and in about a month baseball starts for at least one of us and other commitments start for another one so its gonna be much harder to make the band a bigger commitment. recently the drummer of the before mentioned band asked me to join another band with a couple kids a few years older than me who are both really talented (singer and guitar player). i jammed with them last night and we meshed immediatly and played a bunch of songs. now heres the problem. we had a very similar situation present itself about six months ago with the same two bands but i wasnt the person in the second band. at the time that this happened the first band i described hadnt practiced in a good 2 to 2 and a half months and i felt like the 2 band members taht joined the other band had ditched us. since there was tention the last time this situation occured i decided to be very outright with one of the kids in my first band. to put it simply hes not real pleased and i know how he feels. the new band i joined is only practicing once a week so its not a huge commitment. my question to you is what should i do. i really had a lot of fun with this new band and think that we really have potential. my old band is made up of my four best friends and we have history together im just worried that with all of our commitments we might not b able to d the kinds of things i want to do with a band. should i tell the new band that i just cant do it and risk passing up a great opportunity or should i continue with both bands while potentially making my original bandmates mad.
IMHO it depends on how serious you are about your possible music career and whether you feel your band with your friends (even if you get them to commit to serious, consistent practice) have the talent and skill to get you where you want to go.

I don't know how old they are or how mature, but normally honesty is the best policy. I'd express how serious you are about your desire to advance your music and I would decide in your head how much practice you want from your current band. Tell them that and if they can't commit to it, let them know you will be there for them but they will be your side project until they can commit, and you should join a group that has the dedication, passion and determination that matches your own.

Hope that helps - good luck. Remember, life is short...you may be young but life moves quickly and at the end of the day you will only achieve what you demand of yourself. Don't settle, go for what you want.
dazz i dont think you could have said a more perfect thing but i still want as many opinions as possible cause while what dazz said really makes we want to try hard to make it i still have problems convincing myself which is the right thing to do. btw the kids in the first band i described are all 15 or 16 sophmores in hs and we play mostly alternative foo fighters esque hard rock some punk and potentially some classic rock cover and weve written some songs which i have contributed alot to and that have meaning to me plus im the lead guitarist in that band. the other band is me and the drummer from the first band (both 16) and two brothers both who are much older (i think both are almost outof college). they do most of the writing and i play rhythm guitar with some lead type fills cause the other guitar player is really good. style wise were very guns n roses influenced which is a little closer to where my playing is right now.
Go for the other band, if you try and make the first one strill work despite the second one that you shouldn't make a member of either band angry.
Join the new band and try to keep the old one going as a side project.
Everyone in my band has their own bands as well, and each band and it's members helps out the other bands. It's almost like having our own bands stable.
Suggest to the other guys in your first band that it would be a good thing for you all to seek other bands and projects.
be in both. you said that other people in your old band have other commitments that get in the way, right? well you're allowed to have other commitments too, yknow? joining another band is no different to playing baseball.
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Quote by Gurgle!Argh!
be in both. you said that other people in your old band have other commitments that get in the way, right? well you're allowed to have other commitments too, yknow? joining another band is no different to playing baseball.

That sounds right, why not join both
Well, if you intend on getting anywhere, musically, and keeping your friends...I would discss that with them. Deriously, if they're not committing as much as you've described, then they must not be as passionate about the band. If they aren't passionate about the band, then they shouldn't really have a reason to get mad, now should they?

Honestly, Sometimes being in bands with close friends works, BUT alot of times it doesn't. If you form bands with friends, your risking both the loss of friendship if you get frustrated with eachother as bandmates and the band if you ever **** up as friends. So unless you're carefull the whole friends-in-band-together thing can realy turn into a mess. I would tell them that also.
yeah thanks to alot of ur advice and the advice of some of my other friends i realized that it would b stupid to quit the new band and put myself back into a frustrating musical situation just to please someone else. im not abandoning the first band but again like many of you said it has become my side project. the one kid that spazzed out is still a little pissed as far as i know but im sure that hell get over it cause he really is the kinda person who can put something like this behind him. thanks again ug ur advice made me realize that i gotta put myself out there if i wanna make music my life.
dude im not very experienced in this stuff but if ur wanting to go pro u got to go with the second band and tell your friends they just werent commited enough to it as you were besides you can always jamm wit ur friends but im in a stuation like that to but i just recently started a band and four members have a great amount of potential and the person who was originally lead guitarist kinda sucks and i dnt know what to do with him so idk.