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I Self Taught Myself
117 53%
I took Lessons
31 14%
A little bit of both
72 33%
Voters: 220.
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Did you learn guitar from lessons, or did you self teach yourself?

Personally, I self taugh myself, i pretty much played by ear. I think I am doing pretty well for being self taught. The only thing close to a lesson is Guitar class at school, which is medioker (sp?) It is pretty much a free period to play guitar, because we are all better than the teacher. It is fun though
that so cool you guys have guitar class...i wish I had that when I was in highschool (assuming you are in HS).

i am self-taught so far, though I do plan on either getting a teacher or going to take some college classes on musical theory. I figure its the only way ill force myself to REALLY focus on theory, since I do find it pretty important.

teachers are hit or miss in my opinion, if u find a really good one, then u cant beat the advice and help, but most teachers are ****ing terrible.

friend of mine wanted me to go with him to his first lesson to tell him whether the teacher was BS or not...I ended up talking more than the teacher, and kept correcting him. I didnt want to be a douche but the teacher was teaching him the major scale wrong LOL.
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Did you learn guitar from lessons, or did you self teach yourself?

Personally, I self taugh myself, i pretty much played by ear. I think I am doing pretty well for being self taught. The only thing close to a lesson is Guitar class at school, which is medioker (sp?) It is pretty much a free period to play guitar, because we are all better than the teacher. It is fun though

ha same here. i cantreally learn anything unless im in my own little world. i mostly use guitar pro to teach me songs and i learn from songs to improvise. such as which combination of frets makes differnt part sounds really catchy
i got lessons when i first started playing for about a year and 3 months then they stopped.
but i think getting lessons is really good to an extent, because the guy that taught me showed me all the theory side to guitar in a way i understood.
but now i just teach myself i guess. its not really teaching though anymore, its just playing.
The only thing that sucks is that we were just told that guitar class will be cancelled next year
I learned through online videos on websites and youtube. Mostly from JustinGuitar and vGuitarLessons.
I just looked at tabs, and just messed around, and I can now play things like Hotel California, Skynyrd, and Outlaws
i had a class in middle school, but it wasnt much.
i learned the basic chords and some christian rock songs using those chords, but nothing more.
he also taught me a few finger exercises, but that was it.

he pretty much just let us **** around for an hour.

one time, back when i first started so i was very ignorant,
he tried to teach me the G major scale and i told him i didnt care and he just said ok and walked away haha.

everything i learned that i actually use i taught myself.
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I used to take lessons from a program my school had when i started. From Feburary last year to june. I going back to the lessons next tuesday
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I take lessons, but I also teach myself a lot. For example, a teacher can show you the scales, but only you can learn to solo.
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Ermm we have guitar "lab" at our school which is basically play or **** around for 1:30 of class. we'll get the odd scale or like riff to play. really lame ****. The teacher is a douchebag.
I'm both. Before I took lessons, I had an accoustic guitar and I had my dad teach me some things and taught myself. Then a few months later I started taking lessons, and now I shred, lol.
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I took lessons for a couple of years playing piano, but for the most part, I was self taught.

Never taken lessons for guitar, though.
I'm learning theory from a teacher, but pretty much all of my technique I've learned on my own.
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Self taught so far, but I'm taking guitar class next year. Also, it's spelled 'mediocre'
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I put a little bit of both because i'm not strictly self taught, because i had someone show me some basic chords and really just work out the chords to some songs i wanted to be able to play.
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I think 'self taught' is a strange description - no one truly is. I mostly learned by jamming with blues records and learning key phrases and chords; slowly i started seeeng where all the patterns lay and began learning to manipulate them for my own means. I've never taken a guitar lesson, can't seee the value in it for me personally.
The problem with these threads is that no one is truly "self-taught." Most people have at least looked at online videos, lessons, books, etc. These are made by other people, so if you have done any of those things then you're technically not "self-taught."

At least in my eyes. You guys can classify it how you want. *shrug*
Completely self taught, the internet is a wonderful thing.



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no man, CAUSE IM ****ING HARDCORE AND DONT NEED LESSONS AND I KNOW HOW TO PLAY BY EAR AND ****!!!!!! no but really lessons help a lot. sometimes you develop bad habit when you learn by yourself. oh and looking up instructional videos/tips online is considered have taken lessons is considered taking lessons.

I'm currently taking lessons and teaching myself
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I've done a bit of both. I think that if you have a good teacher, you simply cannot substitute anything else... This is the fastest way to reach your goals.

That being said, there are not a lot of great teachers out there. Some dude in a guitar shop who just wants to teach you how to play Stairway to Heaven is not a great teacher.
Theory is a big thing if you don't know what key your in its hard to play with more experienced guitarists. Thats just the beginning.
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I used online guides and tabs, so I wouldn't say I'm really self-taught. Never taken lessons though and because of the price probably wont.
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I took lessons for awhile, got bored of guitar. Quit for like a year or two. Now i'm back at it and teaching myself
My guitar class in HS was just "Hey man learn this and play it at the school concert"

The guitar teacher at my old school wanted to be a real jack black. lol
He had his school of rock
and He wasn't even certified for the job so he got fired the next year
Also, I was never in his class. I just ditched in there. lmao

But self taught with youtube videos on pinch harmonics and sweep picking is the way to go
I taught myself a lot about technique and the basics of how to play.

I took random lessons, on and off for maybe a year that gave me the introduction to theory I needed to begin creative writing on my own.
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When I first got my electric as a gift, I mostly just screwed around on it, learned a few tab riffs and lost interest. Later I decided I really wanted to do it right and I took a year's worth of lessons and I learned a great deal. But with the birth of my first child and my demanding job I had to quit. 10 years later with my kids being older I've decided to get back into it and I am self teaching. There are a lot more resources available with the internet to self teach now, it makes me wonder how much better I would be if I had access to all the internet lessons back when I was 19.
I took this guitar class for 3 years. The only thing I really learned was how to tune and how to play with my thumb. of course, I progressed only by taking the time to teach myself various techniques like classical guitar techniques; I had to grow my nails for that one and I was the ONLY one with long fingernails. so yeah, make sure that you get a teacher that's competent and you can't play better than them within one year.
i took lessons for a few years. now im in college. im a guitar performance major.
I'm self taught for the best part of two years but I'm gonna get a few lessons soon to work on some of my technique, learn theory better, help me to the next step.
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What's with the past tense? Yes I take lessons. My parents have been paying for them since I was twelve and thankfuly it's not one of those things they've decided I'm responsible enough to pay for myself. Unlike everything else in life.

I get mine from an excellent French guitarist who's really into his gypsy music. I don't particularly like that style, but it does mean I get to learn some very cool/unique techniques and concepts which help me sound different.

Before that I had a less theory heavy metal head. They weren't so much lessons as they were "sitting and watching the scary person shred" time.
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