ok, so we have a dialup modem (the slow one) and my mom is finally getting us high speed, so my computer have one plugin in the back for a dialup phone cord and because im getting high speed i need a plugin for the high speed cord. the problem is i dont know what that is called or where to find one. can anyone help?

An ethernet cable?
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you will probably get ADSL which will come with a ADSL USB modem or it'll plug into your ethernet port, assuming you have one.
Wow... I didn't know there was still dial up...
As far as I know most high speed internet packages don't come with a USB adapter, so you'll have to make sure to say that you need one. Also wouldn't your computer be rather old to not have an ethernet connection? Mines a 2002 and it doesnt have dial up connection only ethernet.
Do you use a BR-600?
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