I saw another thread like this and realized I'd like to know if my stuff is decent enough to play in front of some people.

Guitar: Schecter Blackjack 006 (main guitar) and a Fender Strat MIM

Amp: 50 watt JCM 800 combo 1x12 (only 1x12 but it's still pretty freakin loud)

Effects: Boss ME-50 Multieffect and a Crybaby Wah (I don't need this now caz the Boss Me50 has a wah)

I'd be playing a good deal of Guns N Roses, some AC/DC, some Zeppelin and the likes. So far it's just me and my drummer buddy, we'll see if we deem ourselves decent enough to play infront of people and I know a few other guys who can play too, but one step at a time.

This decent enough to play in front of some people, like maybe a bar or something? I'm pretty sure the Schecter is good enough, but what about the amp?
I would say so, but I would keep that wah. I wasn' t too impressed with the wah on the ME-50
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that a very good gear for a gig
and +1 to the guy up, who said to keep the wah
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