I'm starting to hate my guitar! I've been recording videos and noticed that it doesn't sound as good as it used to. it sounds a bit cheap to me now. the only reason i got this guitar a few years ago is because i was on a budget. i didn't have enough money to buy better ones. I'm thinking about buying the Epiphone Dove or the epiphone AJ-200s (in sunburst) ($229). which one is a better deal?
honestly, i have a 75$ rogue guitar and its the best guitar ive ever owned, n i have martins, gibson electrics, abt 7 diff guitars, try the rogue, i love mine
Chances are the upgrade will not that make such a big difference in sound quality as you are still stuck in the $200 region. You will just be switching a mediocre starter guitar for a decent starter guitar.
Have you tried changing strings (brands and gauge) or the way you record? That can make quite a difference tonally as well. Another thing is to use a mic instead of a pickup or the other way around and play with the EQ.
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mines just like that cept no cutaway. have u tried replacing the strings for a brighter sound? i have walmart strings on mine n it sounds great

here is mine http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Rogue-RA100D-Dreadnought-Guitar?sku=511192

i'm currently using ernie ball 2148 super slinky

the first strings i got for the guitar were martin strings and it sounded great.
before buying a new one, if ur just worried abt the sound, try some martins again. go cheap b4 exspensive
personally, i think you should buy a couple diff guage strings, and see if u like wat a certain gauge sounds like. find wat you like