How would I go about recording drums on a Fostex MR-8 Mk II if possible? No one in my band has experience with recording drums and all I really know is you can get mic kits but I don't know how you'd hook them up to that. Halp!
a proper mic kit will have 8 mics and your MTR only has 2 mic inputs which can record at the same time.
your best bet would be to get two small condenser overhead mics and record the full set with that. You can also try getting a small mixer like a Tapco which are fair and cheap and feed the output of that into the inputs of your MTR.

Recording a full band with an 8 track MTR is a true challenge...as is recording a full drum set...

For overheads you can try two MXL 991 mics. Remember to treat this mics with care and to turn off your phantom power before wiring or unhooking any mics from their cables/inputs.
A bigger MTR would work out best but it will cost you.
If you can, try renting one.

What I would do is get a PreSonus FP10 firewire interface and run all your mics into that. Its not really portable but gives a lot of inputs for a good price.

Recording a full band is going to cost you. The MTR you have now will work but you will need to feed a larger mixer into it in order to get all the mics from the drums into the recorder.
you could also try two overhead mics into your current MTR. It may work to a point but I think the bass drum will lack quite a bit.

I don't do much micing in my studio, I mostly run direct to the interface and own a Roland v-drum module for my drum setup. That being said, im sure someone who has recorded drums with limited mics and inputs on their recorder will chime in soon enough.
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