Hey sorry I know this is a really neophyte question but what's the point of a distortion pedal if you could just get a pedal to switch to ur amp's dirty channel with the gain cranked. Is pedal distortion supposed to be better? Just wondering...
Well, example: I have a Blues amp where I like my tone and my speaker, however, the gain isnt enough for what I play. Ill buy a distortion pedal, run it through my clean channel so it acts as a bypass switch and as a killer distortion sound.
Its just sot have AMAZING cleans and AMAZING distorted tones on one amp. Most likely, someone's clean channel is more preferrable than their distortion channel, so they use a pedal to achieve the sound they want. Technically, if you like your amps clean and overdriven channel equally, you might as well just buy a footswitch
Different sounds, it's all about different sound, you might want to get a nice blues distorted tone from you madison, but using it's distortion won't let you.

It's all about the sound dude.
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it depends. my gain channel sucks balls (I think my model might be defective ) but I have a nice clean channel and 50W tube power. so I use a distortion pedal and am extremely happy with it.
depends how good your amp's distortion is.
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Yea some amps have really good distortion. Mine does so I dont even own a distortion pedal. And then some really dont have distortion or not very good. And there are some that dont think they get enough distortion so have to augment with a pedal. I just use a tubescreamer to boost my amp sometimes.