hi im currently using a tascam dp-01 studio in a box


for my recording and was recently been given a Behringer VIRTUALIZER PRO DSP2024P multi effects processor.

as a complete novice to effects processors i was wondering if someone could help me.
the tascam has 8 tracks. so if i wanted to use a gate on certain tracks and then chorus or reverb on another track how would i go about it? basically i have no clue how i would use more than one effect during recording and how i could isolate the effect to the desired track/tracks.

any help you could give me on this would be appreciated.

if the behringer has two channels, then you can use two seperate effects on two seperate channels or groups at once. If you want to do more than that, you have to buy more effects units or record the parts one at a time.
IF there is no insert plug for each channel then you'll have to do the ghetto thing and plug each instrument into the effects units then the effects unit into the 8 track. IF there is an insert plug, get a Y cable and run each channel to the effect it needs.