Hi im relatively new and can play a few basic riffs

My practice usually consists of 15 mins of going 12344321 on each string and then moving up a fret to get stronger fingers. Then i'll do 15 mins of picking excercises like triplets, strum patterns, and speed picking. And then i'll do about an hour of scales such as major minor and pentatonic. Does anyone have any advice or an example of a better practice routine that you might use that could help me progress?

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank You=)
play when ya wanna play and see what happens just kinda play when u feel you've got summat new to add to ya playing or feel inspired just to pick the damn thing up and ave a bash
keep blues alive
build a vocabulary of solos and chords to pull from then use your metremone to play as fast as possible eventually you want to sweep .. now sweeping doesnt exacly mean heavy metal but the holy grail of electric guitar is playing fast and accurate as well as playing melodicly accomplish that and you will join the ranks of the few elite guitarists.
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