I currently have a Mesa Boogie Nomad 55 that I bought back in 01 or 02. It is a really great amp but I've kind of out grown it. It doesn't have that sound I'm looking for now days. I want that big thick, tight rectified distortion sound. So the logical thing would be to upgrade to a Mesa Dual or Triple Rectifier. And I don't have a problem doing that but they don't come in combo form. And really a half stack is pretty much over kill as far as I am concerned. They do have the Dual Rectifier Roadster that comes in a 2X12 combo. My question is just how much of that distortion sound, if any, comes from the fact that you have that huge stack of speakers when running a half or full stack?
Im pretty sure the main difference is just volume, however i think heads have more power and being powered by so many tubes it has a more versatile sound [this is complete jibber jabber i could be wrong:p ] but it depends on your preference really, if you want something just for home you could try just a Preamp but if oyu want to play gigs a halfstack is easier
I'll be playing gigs but still think a combo would be plenty just as long as I can get that sound out of a combo amp. I gig with my current amp just fine.