Hi everyone,

I was walking home earlier today and saw an electric guitar in a skip, went over to have a quick look and didnt recognise the make. I have now gone and forgotten it... I think it was SUMI, although Google couldnt find anything under this name! It was similar to a Fender Strat in Arctic White, similar neck etc! It definatley had a Japenes kind of name! Anyone have any idea what it is and whether its worth going back for? For all I know it could be knackered, but it look like it would be fine with a big clean up so I'm just curious!
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go and get it you noob. At the very least, parts are parts.

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lolz should take it neway.
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lol the only difference between mexican and american strats are that mexican strats are made by mexicans in mexico, and american strats are made by mexicans in america...
i just googled skip and a skip is a skip bin. im australian and i didnt even know tht. rofl