Supposedly if you put graphite shavings in your nut groove it keeps better tuning, myth? if not how much? like light dusting or a lot?
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I just use a pencil and run it down the slots. You preferably want enough to reduce as much friction as possible. So ya, a lot, but not a ridiculous amount.
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Yeah, i heard the same thing. Sometimes my G String makes a ping noise when I am tuning, andi have been told that graphite will help(hahaha not that G-String)
Not sure about actual "shavings," but like the guy above, just use a pencil. Make sure it's actual graphite though, some pencils can be made out of some weird stuff.

I would say a light dusting should be enough, at least it suffices for me. It works like a lubricant, so the strings don't "bind" at the nut.
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