This is an intro I wrote. I'm intending to form it into a full-length song with the help of my fellow band members. I'm a big fan of the Heavy Metal, Hardcore stuff with a mixture of Classic Rock too. So, yeah, this could really work for whatever music one wanted it too, with a few minor tweaks [tuning, distortion, etc.] So, Please, enjoy and post comments.
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Well, I can tell you're definetely a beginner with this program. This really does not sound good, I have no idea where you are going and it seems like you're just putting in random notes and things.

I mean even when the powerchords come in I was just like

Anyway, get used to the program and try to create something more "musical".

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Yeah, the program does kinda confuse me a bit... Mostly cus I can't find the right button when I need em. So, yeah... I guess this was a bit of a failure. I'll just do tabs next time.