Hey guys, I have been playing guitar for about two months and I absolutely love it. I can't really play anything of significance yet, just the basic chords and a few simple riffs like "dont fear the reaper". My question is, what should i be focusing on at this point? Should most of my practice be going into scales and chord changes? Should I be trying to learn songs yet or just stick with the basics for now? I just want so badly to get to a point where i can jam along to my favorite tunes. I mean, i hear a song i love and wish so dearly i could play it. I know it will come in time and I am NOT going to give up. I love guitar and i want to learn to play it the best i can. I just want to be good. Any suggestions guys? Thanks for your time.
learn songs you like (which i loved when i started) and learn scales, keys and alternate picking triplets(which i didnt do when i started and now regret.)
Yes reading music is so important! I'm only 14 and I wish I started reading music earlier. If you learn scales and some basic theory you can improvise to your favourite songs too, thats always good.

And for a break, find a song you love and just do your best to learn it. If not, then you can try an easier one or whatever. Also are you involved in any kind of lessons? If you are stick with them, if you aren't look into it!
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You can continue to learn songs, you could tutor yourself on the elements of theory, too. My personal suggestion would to break your practice routine/schedule into parts, creating one in the process. I would start by warming up with scales; learn them. USE A METRONOME. Granted you don't need one to become a God, but it certainly helps and since you have little prior experience I would make it a habit to start using one. The second part would be listening to songs, doesn't matter what songs, and learn them. I would suggest learning them by ear if at all possible, as it's a very useful thing to train your ear. If its hard at first, thats alright, look at some tabs. But again I'd make it a habit to learn whatever you can by ear. Honestly, as long as you sit down and practice everyday you will get good in time. Your not going to be playing John Petrucci solo's if you've only been playing for a couple of years. Things take time. Just keep at the route your on now. Scales, songs, whatever. Don't limit yourself either. Listen to a lot of music, varying kinds. You never know what you might find. Also, learn chords. "Jazz" chords and such, go beyond the basic G Maj. If you start to envelope yourself in theory you'll learn about inversions and such which if you play metal it won't be very useful but if you'd like to become an all- around good guitarist i would learn some theory. One last tning - Practice! I'm sure you've been told that and your going to continue to be told that but the more you practice and stick to it the better you'll be one day. So lets review.

1) Warm up
2) Learn scales, Learn chords. Practice the scales over the chords.
3) Learn some songs.
4) Dive into theory
5) Practice daily.

Granted these are just suggestions, i didn't follow them when i first started playing but i wish i would have.

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