**** geometry

your help would be greatly appreciated guys

solve for y




thanks guys!
what math are u in. i would kill for math that easy!!!

1. 2y=-5x+1 then divide by two. y=5/2x + 1/2

do the same thing for the other
on the first one y=-2 which will change the sign to a negative and make it 5x-4 which = 1
You need it in Y-Intercept format, standdard or Point slope. and LMAO this is a musicians forum. Not too many people are urr, valadictorians here. haha cough* exept me..
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This is geometry? I'm bored so I'll give it a shot. I think there's an only homework thread though.

5x + 2y = 1 ----> 5x + 2y = 1
x - 4y = -2 ----> -5x + 20y = 10

22y = 11
y =0.5

x - 2 + 2 = 0
x = 0
**** bro. I want math like that.

Change it to y-intercept form and solve for a variable like you normally would. I think.
The answer is 3 like it always is in math.
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I always ****ed up on this math. Hate geometry.

The other parts of math I can hold my own in.
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