i just restringed my epi sg special same gauge but different brand. Now there is a rattle somewhere in the headstock only when i play the a string. i dont think it is the truss rod. i tightened it just to see and it didn't make a difference in the rattle, it does work the neck straightend out so it isn't loose inside the neck. But it sounds like it is in the headstock anyway. All of the tuners are tight so it isn't that rattling around. It isn't fret buss either. It was fine before i changed the strings im confused
Perhaps your nut is damaged. It might be chipped, but the chip is held in place by the string tension or something. Also the capstan (the part that you wind the string around) could be loose.
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I just checked it isn't either. The more i play it it sounds like it may be the truss rod. But im shure it works and i didnt mess withe the rod at all until i hears the rattle
hmmmm. that is strange. Well if I were you I'd take it to your local guitar tech before you mess anything up by accident.
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thats what im thinking which sucks i just lost my job so i cant spend any money. so i will probably just turn the amp louder and pretend it isn't happening
could it be one of the tuning pegs? They come loose sometimes and rattle, try tightening up all of the screws on them and see if that works
i checked everything like that 3 times. i just don't get it it is only on the A string open and for the first 4 frets it isn't fret buss though, and it doesn't happen when i play an A on the 6th string fifth fret. i guess i'll have to take it in one day when i can get some cash together. Probably a stupid question since i haven't heard of anything like this but could it just be the strings? Also it sounds deeper in the neck than just the tuning pegs
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Press down on the string just behind the nut, pick a note and see if the rattle/buzz stops. That's how you check for a buzz at the nut. I had to work on one a few days ago and it had rust from the old strings in the nut slots, causing buzz. (after a string change, checking intonation and so forth) I found it by pressing the strings down as described above, the buzz stopped and I knew it was a slot problem.

On the up side, (and off topic) this guitar is one I repaired about 2 years ago, it had been dropped and a chunk broken out of it where the neck joins the body.

The arrows drawn in originate at the broken piece and show where it had to be glued back in. That's the stop the neck sits against when installed, at the back of the neck pocket, broken completely out. Close to 2 years later I get it back to change strings and do a general clean and check, the intonation is still on the money. I like it when I find out a job like this one works out well and lasts.

Anyway, back to the topic...I cleaned the rust out of the nut slots and the buzz went away. So, were your old strings rusty? This happened on the 2nd and 3rd strings of this guitar, both buzzing because rust piled up in the nut slots made the string angle wrong.

Only other thing I can think of is maybe a chip broken where the A string is, the nut slot too wide, or maybe it's too tight and the string is not settled in?

I can't see it being a truss rod problem, other strings would cause the rattle too. Same for a loose nut, other strings would cause it, or the same notes on another string should, it seems.

Double check the tuner lock nuts, posts, retaining screws in back and be sure nothing is under the string at the nut, it's pretty easy to just move it aside then drop it back into the slot.

How about string wraps...Is the string wrapped so the wraps go below the string hole in the tuner? If it's on top it may not be putting enough downward pressure on the string at the nut.

That should be a Tune O Matic bridge, is it still well seated on the posts?

Also re-check your neck for proper backbow, and don't touch the truss rod again unless it definitely needs to be adjusted for backbow. Except to make sure the truss rod nut is not loose and rattling...and never ever go more than 1/4 turn, then let it settle overnight before further adjustments are made.

That's all I can think of...
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its probably one of the tuners, i had this problem, when one of my strings snapped and i got worried becuase i could hear a rattling, but then realised its becuase the string tension wasnt pulling on the tuning peg so it rattled.

if that made sense, if not tighten your tuners.
well i just took it to my local repair shop. After a quick inspection he checked the nut slot and actually filed it a little then he checked the truss rod and said it was slightly loose and tightened it to relieve a little back bow, none of this helped. He said it was probably the tuners since nothing else made a difference. he did all of this for free but if he would have went any farther i would have to buy new strings and probably new tuners. he said it is no big deal and it was probably because i went from full nickel ernie ball classics to ghs boomers and the ghs strings just aren't as forgiving
I would wager a couple factors: Often times, new strings buzz a bit more, particular if they haven't been stretched. And number 2, I find GHS more buzz prone than some others for some reason, though its probably just in my head. A possible number 3 is you accidentally lowered the bridge, especially if you took off all the strings.
it isn't fret buzz the tech checked the string height i must have forgot to mention