Ok so this is a pretty silly question and im not even sure its in the right place, but, When the guitarist in a band tunes down to say C standard, is it commonplace for the bass to be turned down aswell? Or is it deep enough as it is? And if the bass is tuned down prototionately to the guitar does that mean if a guitar was in say drop C, would the bass drop the top string aswell. (This is just out of curiosity, Im actually a guitarist) Does down tuning on bass make the bass sound more natural with the dropped guitar?

Silly i know but thanks for the help
Yes. I pretty much always play in the same tuning as the guitarist. I don't like drop tunings on bass though so I'll usually use C standard rather than drop C unless I really need the open notes.
yeah the bass player usually drops down as well, but get a few more opinions than just mine and the person above
its much easier to write songs that way... for me anyways.
usually the bass drops as well, unless u have a 5 stringer. Ive always found that when my band writes in drop d, i eventually tune down as open D on the E string is just so much more better sounding then using the tenth fret on the E sting or the fifth on the A string, as you would in standard
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TS, you must understand that its all notes.
Its really not a must to de-tune if your guitarist does, alot of bassists do it, to maintain the guitar and bass at a far enough sonic distance.
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If you don't want to deal with re-intonating your bass or dealing with floppy strings, you could just play notes below E up an octave. It works for almost everything except metal.