Hello all, I'm looking for 2 tabs in particular and have scoured the Earth trying to find them. I currently use GP5 Full Version, as well as Powertab (Which isnt nearly as effective as GP) Personal tablature or even the real deal would be awesome if someone could help me out, or point me in the right direction. I'm looking for Twilight Damnation and/or War of Fidelity. If anyone could help me with this I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for your time!
You sir, have good taste in guitarists.

Unfortunately though, I can't help you. I could tab one of them out, but I'm too lazy lol.
There's a group here that will tab out stuff for you if you ask them. I could tab out Old Man's Child easily enough, which is why I've never had to get tabs for them so far, so these guys could definitely do it.

Link: http://groups.ultimate-guitar.com/ugett/
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