Hi Everyone,
I did a 'when the levee breaks' cover....my band and I play it out quite a bit and thought hey why not record it .....so here it is.
pretty much though this is me with a perc. player.....did some tracking you know....anyway let me know what you think.


Pretty damn good, man. Really enjoyed it.

Keep jamming,

its really good. but it just doesnt have that edge. you're almost just playing it you gotta feel it. otherwise i really like it. props.

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wow. thats pretty damn good. love the vocal harmonies for the most part. the percussion is nice, maybe make it a little more prominent?
I like it, but the falsetto in the background is a little off putting for me.
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i like it, its great, and though its got a different sound it compares with the original
wow dude, very professional, that was better than great, thats a real cover... mind if i ask what ur posting ur music on here for though?

btw i have a Gibsifone S Paul too!
Thanks man ur too cool.......guess I am posting to get feedback.
I am an indie musician...meaning independent....also meaning unsigned.
Which is all great but all the exposure I get is through the shows I play and through the internet. So any listening to my music online is a good thing, and I get to meet new people.
I wish I didn't have to post songs for sale, but that is all part of trying to live as a musician in the internet world...and a way for me to keep producing......
Geez I think i over answered your question......hope all that isn't too much....anyway cheers everyone for the listens and thank you everyone for the purchasing of the tune.