My band has some pretty decent origanal songs and we've played some small gigs, but we've been told that we dont have a very good stage presence. Can you guys please help us out and give us some stuff to do on stage to help our presence.

(We're looking for a lead singer so PM me if you live around Cincinnati.)
never played a real show but from what ive heard from successful musicians is that you just have to let go and feel the music....you know how you act when your alone in your car or maybe with a few friends after a few beers and your favorite song comes one? do that on stage, however dont forget about your audience you just have to play to them with no fear, hope i helped you if not ask someone who knows what the f*ck they're talkin about haha
a great stage trick i did with my old band was where me and the other guitarist threw our guitars at each other, caught them and continued playing. the crowd loved it. shout orders at the crowd as well. tell them they're not loud enough. tell them to dance or jump around. confidence is VERY important for a frontman. the rest of the band just have to enjoy themselves.
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What kind of music do you play/where do you play? Part of what you can do hinges on your venue.

Don't be afraid to go a little crazy, the audience is (usually) there to SUPPORT you. Get them involved and show off for them.
Well I've never been on a stage personally but if I had to guess: stand closer to the front of the stage when playing and move around more, if walking around at random throws you off then get into some rhythm with the music. I think a confident singer would add alot, one that engages the audience somehow.
just don't walk to the front of the stage, walk backwards a few steps, then repeat. I see bands doing this all of the time.

It's stupid.

I suggest... jumping, headbanging, windmills ( with your hair haha, not the gymnastic thing ), shouting the lyrics to the crowd ( even without a mic ), dancing, masturbating your instrument, etc.
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Just play with a smile, that is the very first stage, the after that will come the extra things, such as movment of any kind, you qwill have a joke and maybe start to fool around a bit, then that may become natural as you look like and feel like you are having fun more and more of the time.
Stage presence is something that really usualy comes with experience, although some people have a natural stage presence from the word go.
As dmiwshicldply says, just let yourself go and feel the music. Don't think too much about it or it'll look contrived. Just enjoy yourself, move along to the music and be cool.
As you gain experience, your confidence will grow and this will show on stage and eventualy, you'll find youself bouncing around all over the place, running over to other members of the band and pulling faces at one another during your songs.
Or, if you'd feel embarrased partaking in this type of behaviour, mean and moody also works as a stage presence. Ritchie Blackmoor from Deep Purple is well known for it.
stage presence is a complex thing. like, the bassist in my band pretty much just stands about not doing a whole lot, because thats just the kind of guy he is. i, on the other hand, dance about a lot and do lots of stuff. it just depends who you are on stage. if you don't feel comfortable with that stuff, it just won't work. and besides, stage presence doesn't have to mean jumping about the stage or whatever. i think its more a question of confidence and assurance. be comfortable in what you're playing. be confident that a) its good and that b) you can play it. if you've got those things, all else will follow.
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