Hey, I wanna know how many of you out there that have Dave Mustaine Dean Sig. V VMNT1 The price is around 1,000 buck, well also to those who have it, how do you like, it?? Hows the pick-ups sound, hows the neck on it, and considering its a V is it comfortable to play?? Thansk for all of your responses I really Appreciate it, Peace Out and Rock On!!! God Bless!!
Electric Guitar forum. and idk, i havn't played it. but i do like the feel of most of the Dean's.
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The pickups are fairly decent, and the neck is ridiculously fast. Hell, I'm one of the slowest players known to man and even I felt like I was Batio...for three seconds. Ergonomics-wise...it's a V. You're gonna need the pad or the strap to hold it properly.

The great thing is the $300 version is roughly about the same too...
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