here's a few pictures.

i've looked everywhere on the net within reason, NO occurences of this old thing, my dad's amp.

I hope the pictures are some help, most of the evidence of it should be clear on the pictures.

i'm really sorry, you'll have to explain this to me, i have ZERO amp terminology knowledge.

p.s. very quick reply, nice.
okay, sorry, no tubes, so i guess solid state?

still not a clue here, more help if possible please
I'd rather you tell me about it! What does the harmonic multiplier do? Is it like chorus? How about the phase shifter? It looks really cool. I know there's a couple old SS Gibson amps that have some very nice tone. How does it sound?

And if you can find a model name or number on there, I can at least do some googling for you.
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thanks for the interest:

Harmonic Multiplier: hasn't workd since my dad got it, sorry

phase shifter: gives it a real funky, blurry, smooth bendy tone, i can't describe better than that. think primus

oh yeah, it's a bass amp

looks really cool: it is brilliant

the tone is really nice, with bass and guitar, the terble/mid/bass knobs allow you to take it anywhere with lots of clarity, and the reverb box kicked booty when it still worked.

the model number i will look for now, but i've done some research before, so i hope you google better than me.

okay, here's the number: G-115

some other info i just pen-and-papered:

written on the back of the head:
"220 Vac 50/60 Hz
200 Watts"

Speakers: Ultrasonic Gibson Speakers (all four)
speaker number(all four): 52-29 67 7446
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