I am looking for a good amp for less than $500. My friend says the peavey tube amp is a good choice, but my peavey I have now is falling apart. I want a amp that has a good clean tone and distortion, it needs a footswitch. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I wouldn't get a peavey tube amp i have one and yes it's really old but it gives me problems i just got a roland cube 30 though that's under $500 by alot and i like it a lot
Thanks I'll look into it. My peavey is a Bandit trans tube (i have no idea what that is because i dont know that much about amps), but the gain doesnt work any more and the clean channel cuts in and out when I play. I noticed it's all related to the knobs, if I turn the high down past six on the clean channel it cuts out. So I'm hoping it's some loose wires or something easy to fix.
I don't know enough about your situation but use eBay, you'll end up saving a ton of money.
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i've heard the Fender Blues Junior, and I think it fits your category.
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Check out a palomino V32 i believe it has a footswitch, but if you want to play metal your gonna need an overdrive pedal. Plus guitar center has them for like $399 now so you could easily get the amp and a good OD for your budget.
It's kinda hard to give recommendations when you don't give us styles that you play... So...what do you play?
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