Do you guys stay in the same mode/key, or do you switch it up? Only scale I know is pentatonic minor, I know all the positions up the neck, but it does sound boring sometimes so I'll throw in some blues notes or some half steps to make it sound more minor or major at times. Is there something else I should be doing? Can I switch keys in the middle of a solo or would that sound awkward? I've been sort of stuck at the same general skill level for a while, I don't know how to improve my soloing. I've been getting better at hammer-ons pull-offs vibrato etc etc but in general my sound hasn't changed much for awhile. I recently started learning more songs (got lazy for awhile) so hopefully that will give me new ideas.. but, yea, what do you think?
Changing keys can be good if the rest of the music is actually changing.

Listen to AC/DC's Let There Be Rock....
when i solo i usually just play stuff and try to stay in the right key... i learned from an old teacher that if u play the notes that arent in the right key but play them faster than u cant tell the difference and it still sounds good so try playing with that off of the pentatonic