Poll: so what will it be?
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3 10%
chocolate cake
4 13%
other cake
2 6%
ice cream
2 6%
3 10%
more ice cream
2 6%
I don't eat desserts
0 0%
4 13%
4 13%
cheesecake mother****er
7 23%
Voters: 31.
not really sure how to describe it because it's a combination of ice cream/brownie/cookie/win
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Cheesecake, Chocolate cheesecake, Chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, ice cream cake, ice cream....
Cheesecake or ice cream. But I went with cheesecake.
Where's that confounded bridge?

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Ice pops, "popsicles", whatever you call them in the muliticultural expanses of UG.

Fruit-flavoured frozen treats of ice.
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Vanilla Crazy Cake

+1 to those who get that
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