ok so i play bass i dont know much about guitar, a friend and i (he plays drums) are starting a band. and we have a friend that is gonna play guitar problem is he will need a stronger amp he currently has an 18 watt i beleve we havent jammed with him yet, but if he is going to practice in a basement and play shows gigs whatever in the future (nothing big yet and probably not till around summer) what kind of amp should he be looking at and what kind of wattage and he cant spend all that much (200 tops =\)
18 watts should be ok, i've jammed with amps around their and they've been fine. If you mike it up at shows you should be fine. Watts doesn't nessicaryly (not spelt right) mean volume though. My 50 watt marshall is louder then my tiny 100 watt traynor.
You may have a 10 x 10 stack of marshalls and i may only have one, but mine goes to 11.... Beat that
thats a real low budget for a good amp.......look up used gear, and try to get tube(really best quality) if you have a PA then you can just mic an amp.....try peavey valve king, fender blues jr, etc.