Does anyone know anything about this Yamaha model? I first found it while seeing an add for yamaha and seeing Bill Kelliher with one (from Mastodon, in case you don't know), so I tried finding some info on it. I only found a few reviews on harmony central, and it seems to be an older guitar (80s), but Yamaha has the guitar on it's site, so is it a reissue? Does anyone own one or have any information on it? I'd really appreciate it.
Hey man
I know they are sweet ! lol. I know the re-issue ones are like $2000 for sbg1000 and like $2500 or more for the sbg2000. I recently came across...probably the same ad and coundn't help myself from falling in love with it. Its basiclly like a Les paul with a double cut away like an SG. I want one bad. The old ones are becoming very popular and harder to find....and when i do find them they are at least $1000. There are a bunch on e-bay mostly in the uk. Very sweet guitar. Everything i found about these guitars was good. Bob marley used on..and many others. So I hope this helps a bit......but i just started researching these today......and want one even more, now that I know they are amazing. Not to mention...they are stunning to look at.
Yamaha generally do very decent guitars, lots of different ideas compared with most manufacturers.
These SG's are some of the most expensive Yamahas I'v ever seen, but I can't judge them, your best bet is to try them in a store