I want to get a wah pedal. I have a ZOOM 505 II effects pedal and it has an optional expression pedal input. So can I buy any expression pedal and connect it to my ZOOM 505 and use the expression pedal as a wah pedal? If yes, which expression pedals are compatible with my ZOOM or which expression pedals do you recommend me... If no, which wah pedals are cheap but good to get? thx for ur help
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Metal wah

Dunlop Crybaby From Hell (Dimbag's wah)


Morley Bad Horsie (my fav.)


I'd go with the bad horsie, it's fairly cheap, sounds great, and...no on/off switch!!!
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+1...the WD blows monkey balls

i'll second that 535Q tho
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Shredhead's advice is the best in the thread.

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i've got the cry baby wah, I don't mind it I just hate that I can't customize it, so I'll probably try to upgrade to a 535q later

i heard that slash wah was pretty cool its got the little overdrive on it or something
the slash wah looks brutal.

jsut check this guy video using a wah pedal soudns amazing

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im down withe the ibanez weeping demon
ppl seem to disagree
but you should try it out
and see what you like the best
Slash wah. Believe it or not, he actually uses it live.
I don't even shred
Try out like a vox v847A (don't bash me if I am wrong), or even try those new Ernie ball wahs... they're pretty bitchin!
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not bashing, but Vox are better for classic rock, rather than metal...i would try a more metal oriented wah for this lad...
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Go the 535Q, great for metal, but really, go to a music store and try some wahs and see what tickles your fancy.