what order should I put my pedals?

I have the following,

Maxon OD-808 (used as Boost)
Korg DT-10 tuner
Danelectro EQ

so what order should it go in, and what should go in effects loop and what not,
I have no idea how the Flanger and Phaser would fit in there but this is what my setup looks like:
Amp-Tonebone (dist.)-OD-9 (Overdrive)-Wah-Guitar

Experiment and see what sounds best. My wah for example sounds absolutely terrible when placed between my distortion and my amp. Try just using two pedals (Flanger and Distortion for example) and reverse them. Which sounds better?
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I would have tuner, OD, Flanger and phaser(play around to see which you like better), EQ, Amp
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Put the Dano EQ in the loop, I tried both on my amp, and it made a bigger difference, and sounded slightly better in the loop. Plus, you're amp will basically have it's "tone" before running into any pedals in a chain since it's in the loop. The rest is up to you really, experiment.
yeah you'll just have to experiment, I have the TU-2 lined up first for me
I browse guitar-geek.com though for diferent ideas on pedal types/lineups