Anyone ever recorded or thinking of recording in analog reel to reel tape? Juicy warm dynamic sound

Is there still any advantage in recording from reel to reel then into the digital domain? warmth?
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I've recorded on analog tape (2" no less) back in the day. The upside is that you can get a wonderfully emotive (for lack of a better word) compression that usually makes drums sound better than straight to digital. The lack of easy editing is a serious downside though and the cost is truly prohibitive these days (for one thing I don't think there are any tapes being made any more). I went digital and I've never really looked back.
Sure people do it all the time. However my question is, does the reel to reel you have actually give you that sound, most of the reel to reels that you hear about the pros using to get those tape sounds are very expensive. Not to mention the fact that these machines are noisy, and require a lot of maintenance. If you don't have a good chain already you will probably not get any benefits from recording to tape.