Hello again all you UGers! I'm here to direct your attention to my latest release entitled "Upon Nothing," which can be heard at any one of the following websites:


Keep in mind that I put this together earlier today in about 7 hours, so there are some mistakes in there. Just ignore them. Please listen and comment. Thanks!

Very cool stuff dude, especially considering the short amount of time you put it together in. Really cant think of much wrong, it was all played very well, were the drums programmed or did uplay and record them? Oh that Everyone is Wrong tune pretty damn good, im guna come back and listen to it after ive smoked some rather dubious herbs lol
Awesome, thanks man! Yeah this piece was mostly just a raw expression of some pent up anger or something like that. I program the drums in Reason 3.0, then export and cut them in Audacity, then export them into Audition, where I record all the guitars and bass. Oh, and send some of that dubious herbage down my way if you get a chance.
Sounds really good.
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The drums are way too weak for this song. They sound like the fit well though, they just need to be in there more. Guitar and bass sound savage. I like it and your other stuff is badass as well.
Good advice, guitarfreak. I keep second-guessing myself about the mix, changing the levels, undoing and redoing. This one turned out all right, I guess. You're right about the drums though. I think that happened because I didn't want to turn the bass down so I turned the guitars up and left the drums where they were.

Anyone else have suggestions about mixing? I'm all ears. Also, if you have something you want me to crit, hit me with the link.
dang this is some hard stuff. this is what true hardcore should be like :-D

sweet breakdowns and such. the drums and your tone make it sound so heavy its insane. whats ure tuning?? sounds really low, but adds alot to it.

i really liked the ending part, it was pretty cool, felt like chaos :-D nice job!@

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dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors

The whole guitar is in standard tuning except for the 7th string which is dropped to A (it's just drop-D for the 7th string).

I do plan on doing something with vocals sometime. Thanks for your input, everyone, and I will get to critiquing your stuff as well.
CRAAAAAZY rhythms throughout the whole thing...it's very good but it's easy to get lsot listening to it. Also when the keyboard comes in is seems like the guitar is playing a bit off-cue. Otherwise it's CRAAAAAAAAAAAZY.

If you could crit the shred improv in my profile I'd consider giving you some chocolate chip cookies.
thanks for the crit man. awesome sound.... are you using drumkit from hell 2? guitar tone was spot on, pretty tight recording, can hear a meshuggah influence in there :P i can picture a thrashy bit coming in at some point!
I've always wanted to mess around with Drumkit From Hell. Actually what I'm using is Reason 3.0, I've just run the drums through some in-program compressors. In the future I plan to run the cymbals and hihat through one compressor, the bass kick through its own compressor, and then the toms and snare through their own compressor, so the sounds don't interfere with each other. You might notice in "Halcyon" a weird "wavy" sound in the cymbals, and I think that's because the compressed bass kick is messing with them. Anyways thanks for the crit dude. If you feel like it, I do have another newer thread for "Halcyon": https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=12681515#post12681515