I keep getting unwanted noise when I play fast like.if I play something like this(last part of the solo from stairway to heaven)It makes all kinds of noise how can I keep strings from ringing out while I'm trying to play fast and not screw up???Thanks for any help!
alrighty I was just getting annoyed with it i thought i was doing something wrong(well I am)but I guess more practice would be helpful
well..I may recommend that u try to understand from which string(s) is the noise coming, this way its easier to correct.....my problem during solos was that I was not palm muting the thicker strings and I was getting an unwanted, frustrating, background noise
first off you gotta learn it slow, because it you have even the slightest of error during the lick it will be noticable at higher speeds. so first play the lick slower until you eliminate all error in your fingers. second, you gotta see if your putting either too much pressure when palm muting or not enough pressure, its hard to find the right touch when palm muting but all it takes is practice also think about what your un used fingers are doing during that lick, be careful they dont make any extra noise
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