I've been learning guitar through internet videos and such, but the videos are usually scattered and I don't usually find complete lessons. So, I'm thinking bout buying some books because they are progressive and complete. Do you guys have any suggestions for great guitar books? If it helps, I know most of my basic major and minor chords, a few minor and major pentatonic scales, and the keys on the fret board.
Only book I've really taken the time to sit down and "study" is The Principles Of Correct Practice For Guitar. It won't teach you much in terms of theory and all that, but it teaches how to practice in order to gain the most success and improvement....rather than wasting time screwing around and getting bad technique. For theory and all that stuff...Google is your answer.
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There are a lot of good books. It depends on what you want to learn.

Well, I'm mostly interested in rock and metal. But I think I should start at the fundamentals of guitar first, or is it better to learn the genre I want to?