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6 50%
PAF Pro and Fred
3 25%
PAF Joe and Mo' Joe
0 0%
Combination of those
0 0%
3 25%
Voters: 12.
PAF Pro and Fred?

Evo neck and bridge?

PAF Joe and Mo' joe?

Something else?

I dont care about the single coil, as im happy with the sound out of it.

Im looking for a good lead sound, like satch or vai, something high output that will cut through the mix well.

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Yeah, I'd hit up the Evolutions. I am looking to get some DiMarzio's too. I am going to have to get a decent amp and guitar first, but if I feel the pickups arent what I want, I think either Evolutions, Breeds, or a Evo bridge/breed neck setup is what I am looking to do.