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As the title says.

Most of the people here play guitar, obviously; some are bassists, some are drummers, some are singers and some are keyboardists (if that's the correct term). But what other instruments do you guys play? Or, what other instruments do you like in general? I have a huge list: violin, cello, harp, flute, marimba, harpischord, trumpet, tenor sax, string bass, baritone... (it goes on.)

Also, since I believe people here are mostly interested in rock and its subgenres, what sorts of integration have you seen using these instruments? For example, I just LOVE electric violin; it actually sounds somewhat like a mildly-distorted lead guitar in a blazing solo. A few local bands I've seen do a great job of crossing over from classical and jazz to rock with violin, sax, trumpet, flute, etc.

I love the sound of the Violin, especially in folk music. I don't know anything else about it, but it just sounds so beautiful.
I enjoy orchestras. One instrument by itself ussually doesnt sound all that great, but when they all come together it creates much more than the sum of its parts

I also like the sounds of a cello, especially its lower notes. It sounds amazing in Vacant.
Sitar, tambura, oud....mostly eastern instruments, however i also love mandolins, hurdy gurdys, pan flutes, harps, harmonicas , and banjos
almost any instrument really gets to me... but i'll always have a special place in my heart for a trumpet with a harmon mute, high octave trombone, and the mandolin
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Keyboards, by far. The layout of the instrument makes it far easier to visualize theoretical concepts.
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i like harmonica, tambourine, and banjo

edit: and accordion
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Quote by Archeo Avis
Keyboards, by far. The layout of the instrument makes it far easier to visualize theoretical concepts.

Yeah, why I play songs mostly on guitar, but compose about 90% of my music on piano. Improv-ing, music theory, accidentals and chord construction--all SO EASY when you can look down and see what keys you're hitting.

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Theremin, they are very spooky and surreal;

Whoa, that sounds awesome, if not a little creepy.

I looked it up on wikipedia, and the concept seems really interesting! Electronics may be beating traditional music with a stick, but this is just so cool.
...Other instruments? I don't understand this concept.
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Orchestral Stuff, all of it.
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Mandolin, flute, ukulele, piano, harmonica, and xylophone are all some of my favorite instruments.
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violin, even though I don't play it.

Piano after that. I've always wanted to try a sitar, I love the sound of those.
I love harmonicas, they can make such an awsome growl.
Cello's as well, I wanna learn to play the cello one day.
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i like some trumpets and stuff like that, they sound good when they are put into ska songs
jazz flute, piano, sax
buzok, its like an oud only its fretted and has a longer neck
and other eastern instruments
Tenor sax.
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I've played guitar for 2 years, and I've played drums for 1 year. Drums are really fun to play, I love them. I prefer guitar though.
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rubber band..... not really

any kind of high quality synth as you can get realistic sounding anything out of a good enough keyboard (like a good midi keyboard with East West samples *shudders* i got some on my pc i just need to load'em up)

never played, but its got the most beautiful sound
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Shamisen, Piano, Flute, Ocarina.
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Quote by Archeo Avis
Keyboards, by far. The layout of the instrument makes it far easier to visualize theoretical concepts.

ha, i know what you mean. When i first sat down with a piano at a friends house my friend showed me where C was and i started applying my knowledge of chord construction to it and started making chords and you can really see it there, far better than on a guitar.

I wish i could afford one...

I love the sound of a piano. I wish to someday learn it.
Youtube covers

for what i've played, an octave mandolin, or a plain bouzouki..
there can be such an amazing sound in it, atleast when it has a soul, and it just allows for so many beautiful voicings, and it's ridiculously easy to come with something so brillant, so complex and yet so simple, which completely reflects your mood.. on top of that, de double strings give you a wider range of dynamics (mines got a marvelously sensitive pick up, so that adds more to it) and partly due to that latter one, going very fast can just as easily be made sound fluent as something slower ..

it's a lot harder to play than for example the guitar though, it might be a downside, but i found more challenge in lerning it, so i even liked and still like that part..

out of instruments i haven't played, and am most certainly yet to play, i might add a lute, such a brillant clear tone that immediately brings back reminiscences of a far past..

or i might just go for the flute, the way people like jaja ram play it is so very amazing, i'm very tempted to learn it myself.. if only i had the money at the moment

on that subject, i still would like to get me a synth, besides being a lot of fun, it's also an extremely good exercise for your pronounciation, because you learn to dissect the way you want the note(s) to sound..
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bagpipe (I actually think it sounds good), keyboard (sounds like every kind of thing, but Warmen and CoB and such), violin is nice too, electric bass XD, piano, harp and sitar.

I love keyboards, electric bass and electric guitar most though :p
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I personally love the sound of a violin. It is amazing how a traditionaly classical instrument sounds so good in modern music styles.
My favorite instrument would have to be the cello. I've been playing it for a long time, and it really becomes a part of you if you are feeling the music and playing a piece to the best of your ability.

Second is probably keyboard. They're just so funky!
Violin, definitely.
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