Hey I was wondering what I need to start into effects pedals. I've got a Vox AD30 and and a Epiphone LP Standard. What should I get for effects pedals? I play mostly metal so probably a distortion pedal and a wah. But what are the good ones. I'd also need some sort of pedal main thing right?
The Vox amp you have is a modeling amp, so some effects (tremolo, phaser, flange) might not work well with it.

I ran a wah through it and it sounded find. I would say you're safe with reverb, delay, wah, and maybe a distortion pedal. For wah, you might want to look into a Vox wah, or if you have money the Dunlop Crybaby From Hell (great for metal).
As far as power goes I got this awesome thing called the one spot, its got five connecters on the end of it. I don't think I could live without it now.

When I first started playing I got the digitech distortion factory, it was alot of fun and had some good options, I have a mesa boogie mark 4 now though and I use tube distortion so I haven't used it since. But there are a bunch of options out there, the metal master, the metal zone, the metal muff etc

Since you mostly play metal you might also want to look into a digitech whammy instead of a wah http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uk8HdzDZVKY

I use both the whammy and a wah, and I think the cry baby is a good place to start, as is a vox wah, again theres various options

and last but not least, as far as other effects are concerned, delay pedals are fun, there are lots of options, the electro harmonix memory man is awesome but probably over kill (in price and use) for what most people need, check out the boss dd-6

hope that helps