Yeah, just found out about it yesterday. Its barely anything but its a start. Me, my friend, and his cousin are playing during an event at the YMCA and not getting paid at all. All we are using is an acoustic, a drummer, and a bass. The good thing is, a fairly large radio station is broadcasting live, and there's a chance they might put us on.
thats awesome dude, good luck.

Is the acoustic getting plugged in?
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just make shure all the cords runnin to your guitar (if its amped) is stuck in between the strap, so if you step on it (or a drummer throws a stick at you and hits the cable) it wont come out
also, make shure the amp your usin dosent have a blown speaker...
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The set list is just tentative, We probably won't end up doing some of these. Some is older country that I prefer not to listen to, but the other guys like.

good day to run
right where I need to be (gary allan)
smoke rings in the dark (gary allan)
fast as you (dwight yokam)
thousand miles from nowhere (dwight yokam)
speed (montgomery gentry)
turn the page (bob seger version)
people like us (aaron tippin)
wave on wave (not sure)
lost highway (bon Jovi)
a lot of leavin left to do (dierks bentley)
time of your life (green day)
should have been a cowboy (toby keith)
the dance (garth brooks)
every rose has its thorn (poison)
hotel california (you better know)
margaritaville (jimmy buffet)

And yes, our acoustic is goign to be plugged in.
awesome, sounds like it will be fun, bring an extra acoustic to grab at if a string breaks (if you or a buddy has one) and a couple extra picks in your pocket, in the pick guard, on the mic/music stand etc you get the idea

have fun and congrats in advance
Cool, have fun and don't worry about messing up when your up there.
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Very nice, indeed - I wish you the best of luck, and I have to tell you how envious I am. I've never had a gig.. So enjoy it!