I'm a beginner and I've found that I prefer the Classical Guitar Position much more than the Contemporary Position. Are there any draw backs to playing an electric guitar this way?

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Nothing wrong with that, it's how I play electric all the time while sitting down. It especially helps if you have an odd body shape, like a Flying V.
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its the way ive learned to play since i started, i think it actually is beneficial as it gives you better access to all the frets
that's fine. play however you want, whatever feels good.
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um...what exactly is the classical guitar position?
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Thanks for the quick replies!

It just seems, from looking at videos online, that most people use the Contemporary Position. I gave that a try but when I switched to the Classical Position my playing improved immediately.

Here's an example of the Classical Position:
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You have to play like that with Vs. I'm playing like that to get used to it before I make my Alexi. Nothing wrong with it. I prefer it actually.
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Same i can do both, but i find that i play rythm really well sitting down, but when i start soloing i've just gotta stand up and mve around

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No drawbacks at all. I mix it up and do both when I'm sitting down practicing for several hours. Whatever makes you comfortable man.
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i would think itd make the transition to standing up a little harder...since the guitar is sort of more to your left, whereas when youre standing its more to the right. thats just my point of view though.
Well I'm forced to with my V, and it does improve your concentration once you get used to it.
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The problem is that if you do it with most strat/lp/xtremeshape solidbody electrics you look like a massive tool, especially if you badly need a haircut and/or are wearing a black band t-shirt.

Just giving y'all the heads up, if it lets you play better by all means do it.
I play classical position all the time, unless I'm sitting in a chair that makes it difficult. I find it easier to hit all the frets and barre chords always seem to ring out better for me. I have yet to find a drawback to it.