I've recently tried to fingerpick and am wondering the best way to do it. I know the the PIMA theory and can do that fine, I need to know how to shape my nails or about fingerpicks. I tried my nails but it was easier without nails. So what is the easiest way to play fingerstyle.
I find it's easier to fingerpick without nails, but the nails give it a fuller tone.

As for style, the only thing you can do is practice. Classical is a good genre to play to work on this technique.
have you tried travis picking?
you pretty much just use the chords usually strummed for a song, but instead, do the bass string, then high e, g, then b, and repeat
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I think finger picking with nails is much easier, but if you accidently break a nail it takes some time to get used to. So fake nails are a good solution. But when I started finger picking I started with Dust in the Wing by Kansas, very simple, the pattern atays the same the whole some and you make 2 chords basically with your left hand. Then you can get into classical or something more complicated. Another song I suggest is Babe i'm gonna leave you by Led Zeppelin. And if you get good Classical Gas by Mason Williams (Eric Clapton made a version too, I prefer his). Good luck.